A Chapter of the American Institute of Architects


ARCPAC is a voluntary political action committee whose membership consists of architects. As a political action committee, ARCPAC complies with all state campaign reporting laws. The voluntary contributions ARCPAC receives are used to support candidates for state office who demonstrate their support for the architectural profession.

President's Circle Supporters

Brad Gaskins, AIA
Anthony McDermid, AIA
Connie McFarland, FAIA

PAC Champion Supporters ($250-$499)

Michael Birkes, AIA
Kristin Fasking, AIA
Brian Freese, AIA
Mark Gandy, AIA
Kevin Harrison, Assoc. AIA
Jan Loftis
Jim Loftis, FAIA
Mark Lamzik
Karen McCannell
Lanny McIntosh, FAIA

Investor's Club Supporters ($100-$249)

Shane Aaron, AIA
Jack Arnold, AIA
Peter Barlow, AIA
Weldon Bowman, AIA
David Brown, AIA
Kelly Brown, Assoc. AIA
Seth Cavin, AIA
Lisa Chronister, FAIA
Clay Dobbins, AIA
Ron Frantz, AIA
Patrick Golden
Clark Todd Gollotte, AIA
Matt Graves, AIA
Michael Hagan, AIA
Douglas Huber
Shane Knight, AIA
Duane Mass, AIA
Tasha McCabe
Eric Miller, AIA
David Reed, AIA
Kim Reeve, AIA
Keith Robertson, AIA
John Sanford, AIA
Fred Schmidt, FAIA
Melissa Skopak, AIA
Matthew Weber, AIA
Kahle Wilson, AIA

Thank you for supporting the Architects Political Action Committee (ARCPAC).  We are able to make a difference thanks to the support of our members and generous individual donors like you.

Questions? Contact Lindsey at 918-583-0013 or Melissa at 405-948-7174.
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